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LJ might have been getting quieter these days, but there are always friends to be found on here!

Friending Frenzy for the Autumn;

It would be wonderful of you to spread the word in your own journal to make this friending frenzy work. Even if you're not looking to make new friends yourself, I'm sure that someone out there is!

This friending frenzy is being run by [ profile] crazybellatrix.
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I am currently  not adding anyone to my friend's list♥
I will usually add during friending memes only.
I do this only because no one PMs me as I request
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Please keep an eye out for me on the memes.
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Wuxi, pool party
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Feeling like you're drifting all alone in the once-fun-but-now-too-quiet pool of Livejournal? Not to worry! [ profile] silviarambles is running a friending meme!

Friending Meme for LJ Survivors - 2015 Re-edition

Please remember that friending frenzies work only if you spread the word, so, even if you're not looking for more friends, would you mind doing me a big favour and pimping the meme on your own journals?

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Hi all, I'm playing with layouts so it'll be kind of messy.
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With my recent haircut and my addiction to clothes (more so now then usual) I have come across two things that bother me. The first is the reaction of young people to women with short hair and the second the term ❝plus size❞ fashion.

I chopped off my hair to a pixie cut recently because I like having shorter hair (huge shocker tbh) and it is easier to maintain than longer hair. My good friends have long hair and I myself had long hair when I was younger however the time it took was such a pain and I am super low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I began to really go short though when I realized I was losing my hair due to medication to fight my Psoriatic Arthrits. To be completly honest having short hair is a huge relief for me because I am no longer having a reminder of my hair thinning due to the constant loss, with short hair you can't tell that my hair is being affected by medication. I feel my hair has made me confident and many people around me see to think it is very lovely and great for my facial structure.
Imagine my surprise though when I was at Target the other day and a group of young women in their early 20s at the most began speaking rudely about a gay guy in the women's section. Using the words like fag, and saying things in the terms of boys should be shopping in the boy's section and not the girl's section. I was looking around to see who they were talking about and saw no boys except for a duo that were 4 or 5 years old with their mom. As I look to them I realized they were staring at me. Despite wearing a pretty feminine outfit they seemed to have thought I was a boy.
Those who know me know I don't generally go off on people but keep in inside and walk away. At this however I couldn't because it was an insult to me. I do not look like a boy and nor have I ever looked like a boy. I proudly looked at them and told them I was a girl and had the same junk they do. Imagine their surprise when they realized that (1) they were talking loud enough to be heard and (2) that I was a girl. Despite trying to apologize (which I wouldn't take) I walked off with my feeling hurt and my day going south. It is sad that this is the generation coming up after mine to judge so negatively and by looks. I don't think people truly take into account of how other's feel when something negative is said and despite feeling like you are on top of the world when it comes to confidence, little things like that can really ruin your day.
By the way, I don't look like a boy and I know I don't. I love my hair and my hair stylist did an amazing job making it super cute.

The second part of this rant is on a similar topic, clothes/fashion. While not in the terms of dressing like a boy but the term of plus size, this is where I diverge from the topic above. Why do we use the term plus size? I find it to be such a vulgar term and makes it seem like women who do not fit into the clothes that are from XS to XL are different and not in the norm. It does feel like an insult and a slap in the face by society stating that because I have shop for larger sizes I am different. Excuse me, but just because I have big boobs and have to wear a larger top doesn't make me different from someone who has small boobs. Why should women have to be treated in such a manor? It is almost like we are made to think we are inferior to women of smaller sizes. I do not feel this to true as that we women of curves, big boobs, and big butts are just as gorgeous and sexy as any other women.  Every woman regardless of size should always feel this way because it's true we are sexy in our own skins. It is the ugly term of plus size that just makes me cringe. Plus size is not a size it is a lable and one that is ugly. I say take down that notion and mix it up in the stores. Why do I have to go to a different spot in the store with not a lot of choices? 
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Beauty & the Beast is by far my favorite Classic Disney film. I love this movie so much because the fairy tale behind it is very different compared to other tales of the time. It was also one of my first movies I can remember watching as a kid.
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I wonderfully clicked the play button of the new Star Wars teaser on Youtube and I regret every single minute of it. It is extremely offending that Disney and JJ Abrams have completely fucked the Star Wars universe. As a fan of not just the movies but the books I am appauled at what has been changed. Okay, Han and Leia have a daughter but said daughter has a twin and there is also a little brother. You can't just change the number of kids. That's a big beef for me but I think one of the largest ones has to do with the time setting and what the correct timeline should be.
While the teaser is what it is a teaser the Empire doesn't rise in this time period. It is the Yuuzhan Vong that do. They start the invasion set in the original time period of the NJO. Of course there is the Sith but they don't come about until after the war and settle down. You can't just take away one ofthe greatest galactic threats and twist it. George Lucas I blame you. I refuse to watch any more teasers or trailers and I sure as hell won't be wasting my money on thsi fraud of a film.
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I have made a f-cut mostly due to inactivity and some due to not really making a connection.

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Holy Blood, Holy GrailHoly Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It is not a lie that this book is controversial and can shake you to the core. The book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail was written back in the early 1980s and it was very controversial at the time to be suggesting a bloodline connected to Jesus. Now a days many seem to either be not bothered by it, refuse to accept the notion, or believe it. With that being said, I dove into this book knowing the bare minimum facts of a bloodline connected to Christ as well as many events in early Christianity so I did not feel that this would be all that shocking to me. On top of that, I have a very open mindset to ideas and look at everything with different angles, yet this book did shake me to my core as it comes to my religious beliefs.

I think the only thing I had a problem with in the book is the out right negative remarks about other theories outside of Christianity. In one section of the book, there is an outright negative statement about Erich von Däniken's controversial book. For one, the Ancient Alien Theory plays no part in the holy bloodline. Secondly, Däniken has shown proof of his work just as much as the researchers of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. In all I felt that the rudeness of other theories that were casually mentioned were not necessary.

Aside from that one issue I had, the book itself was done well as a form of research. It reads like a research paper so be warned that it does become very dry for a good 1/2 the book. I will admit that there are times of confusion but it becomes easily untangled when read carefully.

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Paradise Lost Paradise Lost by John Milton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While I have read this when I was in high school (for fun) it still continues to be one of the more complex and difficult reads that I have undertaken. While complex, the epic poem stands out as one of the most creative works that I have come across. The dynamics and imagination that Milton uses to create an image of the continuous battle between God and Satan is stupendous in every way. I think that Milton achieved what he was out to do, create a more modern epic that could withstand the test of time like that of the Iliad and Odyssey.
Despite the difficulty of this read, it will always be one of my favorites and probably my favorite epic of all time.

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You will be missed.

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It took me a while to actually sit down and watch this film (like a full year). I have been very on the fence about it. On one side, the film looks stunning. On the other side, it's a zombie film. Yes, I know it is called World War Z, z meaning zombies. I'm not a fan of zombies and I don't know why since I seem to watch the Resident Evil films and play the games with no problem. Once settling down and deciding to watch World War Z I was relieved and not disappointed at all. I found the plot, the special effects, and realism to be some of my favorite aspects of the film.

The plot itself could have gone anyway you would have wanted it to. After all the book was created as an aftermath of the infestation. I loved how the word zombie was not taken as a true meaning but it was treated as an infection, making this film realistic enough to be a believable scenario.
As with most zombie films the zombies just come from nowhere, there is no true explanation and it just happens. With World War Z, while true to the nature of zombie films, there is an understanding or looking at "Patient Zero" which is used in any epidemic. This creates a realistic view of some kind of disease raging through the masses. This is probably what scared me the most, not the zombies in the film but the possibility of it happening. Perhaps not as zombies but as an epidemic much more widespread than the H1N1 virus.

All in all, I have to say this film was superb. The plot and the realism creates an atmosphere of belief and emotions related to the characters. Not the horror you would feel while watching a film like this but an understanding to something so real.

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The Goddess Inheritance (Goddess Test, #3)The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After not being able to put The Goddess Interrupted down I knew there was no way I was going to put this one down and I was right. The conclusion to this amazing series was as close to perfect as one could get. I was absolutely blown away by how Aimee Carter was able to create a marvelous and complex tale that is .

As I have stated in the past two reviews of this series, the way that Carter has been able to create such a connection between Kate and the reader is beyond phenomenal. Somehow she was able to create something more with that connection and I really loved it.

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Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test, #2)Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taking place 6 months after leaving Eden Manor for the spring and summer, Kate is looking to returning to the Underworld to be reunited with her new husband, Henry (Hades). Things don't seem to go the way she would want them with the awakening of Cronus and Calliope working to free the Titan as well as wanting Kate dead.

This book really had me on edge and at times I wanted to throw it across the room. Once again Aimee Carter extends her retelling of mythology and brings in Persephone, Kate's older sister and the truth of why Henry seems so aloof with Kate. Again, Carter uses raw emotions that you feel as you read from Kate's POV.

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The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off, I am technically giving this book 4½ stars not just 4. While I didn't feel like this was a 5 star book it was very close and deserves that extra half.

The story is told from the POV of the protagonist Kate as she takes care of her mother who is dying from cancer. In between moving to a new school, making two friends, and taking care of her mom she somehow is chosen to go through a series of tests to become the next Queen of the Underworld.

It does sound like the typical supernatural YA novel and the only reason I picked up was because it was a retelling or should I say expanding on mythology. Once I started reading there was no way for me to put this book down. Yes, it does fall in the whole supernatural YA but don't fret because there is plenty of mystery, mythology, and thankfully a small amount of romance.

I enjoyed reading from Kate's POV and experiencing the same emotions that she is feeling, shock, awe, love, sorrow, and so on. Aimee Carter went above and beyond creating a character that is very relatable and likable for that matter.

If you are a fan of mythology, need a change in YA fiction, or just want something new you should really check this book out.

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Beauty and the BaronBeauty and the Baron by Deborah Hale

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really don't understand the negative reviews I've seen for this book. Okay, it wasn't mind blowingly spectacular but I'm not sure any historical romance books ever are that way. They're the chick-flics of the book world and let's all admit it, chick-flics aren't mind blowingly awesome either.

Deborah Hale did a lovely job creating an interesting storyline that is tragic, fairly comedic, and romantic. I enjoyed the characters of the Earl, Angela, and Lucius as they all played the plot well. The fact that this the plot is based after the Battle of Waterloo, I felt that Hale did an amazing job with PTSD when it came to characters who had been in battle.

Beauty and the Baron isn't a awesome form of literature but I generally don't think many Harlequin novels are. However, this book was a lovely read to indulge in my romantic side.

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Son (The Giver #4)Son by Lois Lowry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In all honesty I give Son 3½ stars but as I thought about it I realized that the book was interesting and as any of the books from The Giver Quartet written well and always a mystery. While the first part of the book seems rather predictable, it is the rest that truly keeps you on edge and never wanting to put it down.
Son is broken up into 3 parts. Before the title of the first part and takes place during the same time as The Giver. I enjoyed seeing a different side then what was presented in The Giver, especially how Claire went about her life and hearing of Jonas and how Jonas left with the baby Gabe. Between focuses on Claire's life in a village that seems to be far from the community where she grew up in. With no memories she has to go through a process of understanding new things, as Jonas did. Beyond, the last part is an interesting and lovely conclusion not only to the book but to the series. Those who have read Messenger will appreciate the end of Son.


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