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tumblr_mdpjktkDxp1qdlkyg.gifWell I feel much better after talking to my co-workers about my grade. I did e-mail a councillor at Ashworth College (where I attend) but I can't retake the exam (bum) however the nurses in my office were beyond impressed that winging an antatomy exam and getting a 72.5% is apparently damn near impossible, this included Amber who graduated nursing school with a 4.0 & her masters in nursing with a 4.0. So despite not being able to retake the exam I do feel much better that in the eyes of my coworkers I did something none of them could do. I called dad to let him know and he was super proud. He could never pass A&P and the fact that I did it made him super happy.
Thank you everyone for your kinds words and encouragment. I'm so truly blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Lent begins tomorrow. Instead of material things to give up I am giving up two things that affect me deeply. They are giving up my comfort zone and giving up negativity. As I have gotten older I have realized Lent isn't really about giving up what you enjoy but really giving up something to God. I feel that these two things are something to give up to God to have a better relationship with her.
I also think that this will help me in my relationships, especially with Amanda (bestie). Right now I'm just tired of the toxicity and she has a new bff she works with and won't stop talking about and it drives me nuts especially when she compares me to her by saying "she's like you but only ______" . On top of that I told her when we were having lunch one day that I felt isolated as everyone lives in Slaton and I live in LBK. She told me she would try harder when she was in town but what do I hear the other day? She and Lucy were at the mall (not even 5 minutes from my place) and no one called me. I think that getting out of my cofort zone and doing things I wouldn't really do (like go on my own to the First Friday Art Trail) and breaking away from the negativity that I feel she brings to my life as of late will be for the best.
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Today, has been an eventful day starting with having to drive all the way out to my parent's house to take a shower as my apartment complex didn't have any water. Mom and I were suppose to go and get mani & pedis but mom totally bailed on me in that aspect saying she would sit with me while I got my nails done tumblr_me96wptli51qdlkyg.gifso I opted to just skip that part and we plan on going in two weeks when I need to get my nails filled anyways. I'll have to go to the nail salon tomorrow as one of my nails broke last Sunday and I haven't been out due to the weather to fix it. Anyways, we ended up running to Kohl's quickly where I was able to get some new Nikes to workout in for only $60 as well as a cute black jumper for this summer (hoping to have dropped a large chunk of weight by then). We ran to Hancock Fabrics to get some material to update my ottoman, mom & I plan on doing that next weekend. We ran to the At Home store (formerly Garden Ridge) to find a dinning room chair as well as two cute pillows for my couch which saved me over $40 as they were 1/2 the price of the ones I was looking at on Society6. Target & World Market followed which I got some things here and there for the kitchen (tablecloth, and measuring cups) as well as some awesome clearance Christmas items for super cheap. I didn't get to look at everything I was hoping for becuase of time so I'll probably go back tomorrow.

Our time was limited as mom dropped me off at my apartment (hoping my water was back on) and went to trade in her car and bought a new car. She bought a Subaru and it's pretty badass and rides nicely. Her Kia kept getting stuck in the snow and she just didn't really like it so she decided she wanted a Subaru so go her. Mom picked me up and took me to her house to pickup my car and my stuff and I headed back home where it's been quiet since. The water is back on so I took a nice bath with some new bath soap that Ash got me for Christmas. Now all I need is a tray caddy, wine, a book, and some candles and I'll be set for a relaxing evening once a week.

Trying to rock my new favorite headband from @ashleyrfondon & @cfondon #hurr #fashion #christmas #selfie
Most recent Instagram photo as I rock my favorite
new headband from CJ & Ash for Christmas. Y'all
I seriously wear this thing all the time. I'll have to look
at getting more as my hair grows out.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I care about my family...and that includes my animals., they are everything to me! If anything ever happened to any of them I don't know what i'd do. I care about my closest friends because they are the ones who actually were by my side when I needed them. 


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