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It's Monday morning & I'm off and being uber uber lazy 
Hope you all have a good Monday.
I decided to follow my twin's lead & I got lose it! on my phone
since my other method isn't working the way I thought it would. 

I have no question of the day, because my brain is so foggy I can't think straight. 
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Yeah, it's Friday (here) I have an interview in an hour & I'm super tired and very sore. 

After my interview I have to clean the house. I can't stand it, the place is just ugh. It's not even that messy it's just I don't like messes they leave me feeling very uncomfortable. 

With that being said the question of the day is if you house gets messy do you feel all uncomfortable or is it a whatever thing?

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I totally entered the shark week sweepstakes, I know I won't win anything but it was fun to do 

My breakfast this morning was a sweet wheat bagle & strawberry cream cheese (i only had a very small amount). It was okay, but I totally miss Panera's bagels, those were divine. 

So my question this morning is what's your favorite type of bagel & do you like anything on it, if so what? 
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oh hey look finally back to normal 

So far my morning is going well, how about everyone else? 

I had a good walk & I got a free drink from Starbucks. I love the vanilla latte with soy milk & caramel syrup. 

The question of the day is what's your favorite Starbucks drink? 
If you don't drink Starbucks, what do like to drink?
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I got on the scale this morning & defiantly didn't like what I saw. 
Working out & eating healthy is the best way for me.
I can't do diets, not because I'm not motivated to do so but because they are all crazy. 
In my opinion diets are so yuck one thing they don't tell you (most of them anyways) is that
you can eat whatever you want as long as you eat in proportions. Amazing isn't it
Another awesome tip is meal planning. I have a cute note pad made for meal planning 
and on the bottom is a removable piece for items you need to buy for you weekly meals Today's question is actually in two.

(1) What is your favorite food?
(2) What is your favorite healthy snack? 
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Today's post is a meme so if you would like to do this please comment & I will give you five words that I associate with you & you post on your journal. These words were picked out by my twin [ profile] sammi_stortecky 

1. coffee
I am a coffee addict, love love love coffee. I use to hate coffee growing up but last October I stopped by Starbucks (aka my crack dealer) and bought a pumpkin spice latte & I fell in love after that. I drink coffee on about a daily basis and while I generally make my own I still love going to Starbucks & grabbing a vanilla latte. 
2. crafts
I've always done crafts since I was really little. I love making things especially for others. My favorite items to create are jewelry but I defiantly am expanding on other crafts including bows, hair accessories, blankets, rosaries, etc. I recently opened my own etsy shop & share my items. 
3. sea life
Ever since third grade I fell in love with sea life. While those cute animals like whales, dolphins, manatees (favorite sea mammal) my all time favorite animal are sharks. I think they are the most amazing animals and I believe in their conservation and do my part to help save them. When I first started college I was studying Aquatic Biology & Fisheries and wanted to be a shark biologist. Unfortunately I couldn't pass chemistry, even so I still am an active conservationist and I am against fining (I will not even eat in a restaurant that sells shark), I protest killing sharks because the bit some person.  
4. twinsss
SAMMI I LOVES  YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
5. hello kitty 
I love  & I collect all things HK that I can. I have two watches, three juice bottle caps, three pez dispensers, two plush, a bubble deal, a card carrier, ds cover & touch pen. I'm still collecting like crazy. 
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hope you all are doing well today on this lovely Friday. 

i have therapy at 11 this is the second to last session...sad panda.

So today's question is what's your favorite form of therapy?

I love to write, walk, and craft.  
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Good morning everyone! Hope you all are doing well. 

I've decided that even though the money would be nice to have & get a paycheck over $200 would be nice, 
I just can't stand the thought of dealing with my managers (especially German) for the last four days so I'm just 
going to turn in my name tag & hat and tell them see ya. I refuse to deal with any more of that shit. They can get fucked
over all they want, that's what they get for being rude to their workers. 
The question of the day is do employers/management deserve respect if they don't give their employees respect?
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I am slowly getting bracelets done. I was originally going to do 3/team but because of cost it'll be 1/team.

 for non f-list people I am currently making bracelets for upcoming college football teams from the NCAA. If you are interested please check out my  etsy (items will be up by the end of the day).
                                  please check the link on my sidebar.
for flist, if you are interested go to the journal that has been made for you. 
Well after that pimping of my stuff here's my question for you, do you like sports & if so what's your favorite sport & team?
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today is my day off from both jobs so it means sleepy day

i plan on starting working out again. taking baby steps only.
thinking of taking on too much is never a good idea.
i plan on doing sit ups & my shake weight for the next two weeks,
then I'll start walking again. 

What are your favorite workouts
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Sorry kids, I had to go into work this morning so I didn't get a chance to post this morning. 

How was your morning? 
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I have to go back to work today at 4 to close with German.
I already feel blah about it. 
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what are your weekend plans
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